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Aer0nauts Curriculum 2018

Flight Theory: Students explore:

  • What is flight and the four main forces that are at play during flight.

  • Making aircraft from odd shaped card and foam shapes

  • Our own variable geometry 'Multichuck' glider kit to refine the flight to get max distance


History of flight

  • We make flying models of the strangest flying machines that have ever flown using foam

  • Look at various modern aricraft and their fitness for purpose

  • Explore purpose of different configurations


Contruction Theory - equipping students to make effective radio controlled planes

  • We build our own '6-hour' R/C kit planes using our own construction techniques: Flying Wing, PUP I &II

  • 'Bulldog' kit (Low wing sport plane) explores traditional construction methods using balsa wood and built up construction

  • Using CAD CAM. Starting with 2D laser Cutting moving onto 3D laser cut assemblies and 3D printing.

  • CAD CAM to replicate existing parts, generate scale models, manufacture parts like ribs in quantity and also to cut materials like balsa and plywood quckly and accurately


RC Theory (on-going)

  • Students learn the system parts of radio control and how they work.

  • Students learn Flying techniques - standing view, FPV from indoor planes and flight simulator


BMFA payload challenges

  • Students enter their designs for the BMFA competition


CREST awards

  • Bronze,Silver and Gold award - distance challenge refine and existing design or design your own

DSCN5237 DSCN1178 Grabbed Frame 11 DSCN5293






Problem solving

Construction techniques

Hand Eye coordination




Fluid Dynamics

Parallellogram of forces

Action reaction