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Once again Aer0nauts bring in the bacon at the BMFA Schools and Universities payload challenge 2018.


E-02 "Yolko Oh No" -an egg carrying plane teamed by our 12ish year olds snatched victory from the impressively vigourous E01 sported by West Bridgeford School.


D-02 - our sleek Distance challenge delta (loaded with a block of wood) was pipped into second place by a conventional but beautifully built machine from Peterborough and finally into third place in the final round by our historical nemesis West Bridgeford school who after modifying their plane with a dremmell gained an extra two laps securing overall victory. Well done guys.


Q-06 - Our gorgeous styrene sphere carrying airliner 'Bryan' had certain victory snatched away following a series of tragic mishaps. Our plane had already proven itself on grass two weeks earlier by carrying 12 spheres with ease (greater in payload than any of the eventual winners) but due to inexplicable tail heaviness our plane was reduced to matchwood during Friday night testing. Many teams also struggled with this new competition category - mainly getting thrust around a large fuselage and managing the thick runway grass. Even the winners did so by burning the midnight oil and modifying their plane late into the nights. Our team worked day and night fighting off rampant hayfever to produce a shorter version which sadly never flew due to ongoing teething problems and finally servo failure. So frustrating. C'est la vie!!

Look out for the reports and write-ups and join up for next year's team with more planes than ever!!