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" I have always wanted to fly a plane"  -the words of many of our students when they find that they are able to fly a real plane from First Person View. This is when a small camera is mounted on the plane that broadcasts its picture to a screen on the pilots head - so that the experience is absolutely as if you are inside the plane itself.  This single advance in technology has revolutionised the ability for Aeromodelling to become an activity where the student flies the plane rather than watching the teacher do it. The view of the local countryside is inspiring alone.  Co nsider the feeling of achievement when you learn to fly a plane safely and reliably.


Gyro stabilisation enables planes to maintain level flight in difficult wind conditions. It means that you can build a plane from scratch and have some comfort in knowing that if it is difficult to fly then the Gyro will assist you. You can set the gyro effect during flight so as to gradually give yourself less and less assistance. In this way you really get a good idea of you plane's characteristics but without having smashed it up during take-off.


GPS technology makes it possible for your plane to return to home if ever you lose sight of it or after radio failure. When I was a kid it was a frequent occurrence to see a plane disappear into the blue yonder or spiral into the ground because of radio interference. Now you can switch off the transmitter/controller and watch your plane fly back to where you are and circle slowly around the airfield awaiting further instruction. If you do lose the plane - you can find it again from GPS coordinates sent you by the on board transmitter.


Never before has aero modelling been so accessible and inspirational for learning.

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Aeromodelling -examples of three  inspirational technologies we didn't have "when I was a kid . . "