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Home Ed, Free-range Education , Unschooling, Democratic, Self managed Learning  - Support

Our objective is to use aeromodelling for the purpose of engendering creativity, craft skills and resilience.  Few subjects offer so much and we think the Home Educated student with the greater time available is perfectly placed to explore this huge subject, rich in functional skills.


We feel particularly committed to Home Educators as we are part of that community and perceive they are at a disadvantage with no tax breaks for educating their own kids  but more than this HE tends to encourage diversity and creativity in a way that state education does not. It is no surprise that Aer0nauts is currently the only UK team involving children as young as 10 in the payload challenges. The challenges have developed to encourage this age group and yet there are relatively few youth groups that enter. We are trying to encourage other to participate but we recognise that the sport is very timeconsuming and can be frustrating in the extreme given the risk of crashing. We crashed our plane the night before the competition in 2018 and this is a hard knock to take after 6 months hard work. Not many schools, clubs and youthgroups can justify this level of risk when other competitions are available with cars, drones and robots.


We regard Home Education as an excellent way of educating and engendering many of the critical thinking skills and tenacity that industry needs for shaping the future. ASD can most definately be an advantage here as our developing case studies will show. The Home Eds we have worked with have been so inspiring and project based learning is a fantastic way of really focussing and achieving something worthwhile.


To this end we welcome contact from HE groups in their own bid to explore aeromodelling and maybe put an entry in for 2018 in one of the challenges.