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Home Ed, Free-range Education , Unschooling, Democratic, Self managed Learning  - Support

Our objective is to promote aeromodelling in education and one realization of this will be the uptake of teams competing succesfully at the BMFA Payload challenges and the like.


We are developing this site carefully so as to share what we think will be helpful to other teams to get started (but not give away our own team's best ideas!). There are plenty of people making model planes with 3D printing and Laser cutting etc - so lots of ideas out there but it seems mainstream education is pulling away from making things . . in favour of anything that can be modelled on a screen.


We feel particularly committed to Home Educators as we are part of that community and perceive they are at a disadvantage with no tax breaks for educating their own kids .


Support  is also available from your local BMFA affiliated model flying club and STEM ambassadors are available certainly to schools at least- check out your local office to see what you can access despite not being a registered school.


However, we regard Home Education as an excellent way of educating and engendering many of the critical thinking skills and tenacity that industry needs for shaping the future. ASD can most definately be an advantage here as our developing case studies will show. The Home Eds we have worked with have been so inspiring and project based learning is a fantastic way of really focussing and achieving something worthwhile.


To this end we welcome contact from HE groups in their own bid to explore aeromodelling and maybe put an entry in for 2018 in one of the challenges.