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Aeromodelling has never been a mainstream school subject and for good reason.  Traditional methods of construction are relatively expensive and time consuming so that school modelling clubs have tended to be staffed by enthusiasts and attended in very small numbers. The subject of model planes once prompted images fiddly sticks of wood and tissue paper but these days it is associated with foam ready-to-fly products in incredible detail. Internet based sales of model planes are largely marketed towards the impulse buy - the impulse buy which is heavily cost sensitive and where in terms of 'making' the participant may subsequently purchase a new wing as an accessory but not really be able to make significant repairs. Some enthusiast websites offer a range of well considered products but it is rare to find a resource that supports teachers in delivering aeromodelling. There are a number of basic construction kits available some of which are great fun they actually teach the principles of flight?  


Aer0nauts seek to make fixed wing aeromodelling more accessible through the use of modern materials processes and with activities designed to systematically explain flight. One example is of the Bernouilli principle - where younsters are taught that the curved upper surface of a wing creates low pressure that in turn sucks the wing upwards - which of course it does very much so - but why then do children get given gliders made with flat surfaces to fly? Its confusing!  We are developing a curriculum of flight that is logical and not overly complicated, that takes in the complexity as and when. Its very much based on making and testing rather than simply theory.


There is so much to know.  We think that by making planes rapidly is the start and through lots of flying and crashing and repairing they grow in resilience. It is very appealing to those gifted with problem solving skills and those who actually enjoy testing things to destruction! Engineers don't just need maths and science  - they need a 'gut feel' for engineering that is based on experience of dynamics. This cannot be learned through the computer screen.

Grabbed Frame 38 plane block plane circuit treq

Aeromodelling in Education?