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Aeromodelling is an ideal context for a CREST award. Any of our majour projects can carry a CREST award depending on the skills and aspirations of the student. But its not just about whole planes and really, a whole plane is probably too complicated.  


There are many individual areas of study in aeromodelling in which you can achieve a CREST award.  You might look at the choice of propeller for a particular plane because there are so many variables to consider - just like choosing tyres for your car. Aerodynamics, drag, lift, materials, processes, testing procedures - the list goes on and on.


So far our students have achieved two Silver and two Gold CREST awards and the numbers are going to increase now that CREST awards have been made so easy to enter and get rigourously assessed.  Ryan achieved his CREST award by designing a gearbox that he intends to share so as to encourage BMFA competitors to explore the world of power trains in aircraft, multi propellers and variable pitch. Barney got his for the airframe design. This is an example of a team project - both lads had to submit their own individual reports and drawings.


CREST awards develop literacy, communication sckills, ICT and organisation skills. It's what we love - the Design Process


You can start a CREST award in any of our projects. Just pick the project or an aspect of a project and we'll see which level it would fit best into. A whole BMFA payload project is certainly more than adequate for Gold (70 hours work) University students gain degrees based on this competition. Other studies we do are quite adequate for Bronze and Silver (30 hours work ) and we encourage all out students to at least do a Bronze (10 hours work) to whet their academic appetite!