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CAD CAM activator course

This is the gateway to all we do - so we start by training you to design stuff using the computer and the LASER cutter.


Chuckglider Challenges

These are a number of challenges designed to explore flight from the very basics. Kits you will make include a catapult delta, Multichuckie - our own variable geometry chuck glider and then you own scale version of a real plane of your choice.


ATP/Control Line Challenge

This introduces you to power and controlling pitch. The plane goes around in a circle attached to a pole by wires. Here, the altitude of your plane is controlled either by radio control using a transmitter or by your standing in the middle , holding the wires with a special handle and pitching the plane up and down by angling the handle. Great fun.


Pup payload challenge

You will build a 'Pup'  - our basic three channel trainer. Load her up with plasticine until it wont take off. An entry excercise into the BMFA payload Kit challenge.


Versa Fuselage Challenge

Versas are really quick to build and here is your chance to design a fuselage for wither tractor or pusher propulsion. You can also use EDFs which are noisy but rather fun. This project you can exchange for designing your own plane from a real one!


BMFA challenge

You get to enter a competition where YOU design and build a plane Good luck!



You really need to join the local radio model flying club and learn to fly your own planes. Get a parent to join up and go flying as a junior member - plenty of help and training available. Each week we fly if we can. We use FPV so you can fly using a camera and we also have a flight simulator.


NEW! Distance Learning - activator and beyond . . .

At long last we are getting into this exciting arena for learning. Through small groups working online and video tutorials you can learn CAD CAM skills without a journey to our site. The products you design can be posted and in addition to this they can be scrutinised by us prior to posting with an online tutorial advising you of changes than need to be made. Groups can meet together in local communities to develop projects so that you only pay for tutorial time and access to instructional videos. Centralised meetings at our venue or elsewhere such as competitions and challenges inspire a community of learners in common aims and objectives.

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*projects may change or be discontinued for various reasons based on suitabilty to the student, alternative options, time of year or availability of components.

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Just a few of the personal projects

our students have done 2017/18

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2018 19  Curriculum