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Our Aims:

  • To use aeromodelling as a context to develop innovation and creativity as valuable life skills

  • To support child development in resilience and well-being

  • To provide an inspiring educational resource that facilitates engagement in STEM subjects



Aeromodelling teaches:

  • to make your own decisions

  • to consider alternative solutions

  • that failure can be an opportunity

  • to take calculated risks

  • critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • to apply and prove scientific principles in a dynamic and purposeful way

  • hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial awarenss

  • state of the art technologies communication skills and processes

  • innovative skills, design management

  • resourcefulness

  • following safe procedures and routines


Current Developments: Aug 2019

We are currently in transition to a larger and rural site that will facilitate more of what we do best.

We shall be in contact with our mailing list once we are up to speed. Watch this space for further news!







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WE WIN three payload challenges!

watch the vid! T&S learning community LOGO

A very satisfying conclusion for our Quantity challenge students who had crashed before the event in 2018, and returned this year with a more stable plane and gearbox;

for our distance team with a new wing and a repeat win for our egg team with a slippery thing they called 'SpaceEggs'


As we break down our current site to move to a large one in Northants - congratulations to our Suffolk students who will be sporting aircraft for 2020 if the government still allows RC modelling by then.