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Look at us! we quite filled the camp-site with family and enthusiasts. Building three planes this year was a big job but it was worth it. The Egg Challenge had involved our Think0nauts team who designed and made the Egg payload bay. Quite a sneaky idea  - from videos of past years they sussed out that teams were taking a good few seconds to fit the fuse into the stiff holder slot. In a round of two flights this made 4 fuse changes which could easily total 20 seconds! They decided to incorporate the fuse into the egg holder! Nice! As long as the fuse was out when the egg was removed we were within the rules. Our plane was slower that Sons of Gavin who had 3D printed a sleek fuselage but our teamwork paid off. Both teams suffered catastrophies - they lost over 30 seconds through a transmitter being on the wrong aircraft, we lost a load of time failing to launch it. It crashed into the ground on launch but the egg was never smashed! Phew!


Milo's distance challenge D-02 - an all foam construction based on a Versa wing had retractable undercarriage and achieved the same number of laps (12) as the winning plane Sons of Gavin. But then on the Sunday Sons of Gavin whittled out every last ounce of excess wood and got 13 laps! Well done guys!


Ryan and Barney caught the biggest cold. with Q-06.  Having achieved flight with full 12 spheres payload 2 weeks before the comp, Mark (pilot) managed to prang the plane on the Friday night from 30' absolutely vertically. The rest of the weekend was late nights and long days to rebuild a shorter plane. Sadly a failed servo kept the plane from taking off properly again. Agonising.  However, on return home they got their short plane flying very succesfully.


Then . .  they completely rebuilt the original plane just to prove to themselves that they could have won. Now this is commitment!! Both Barney and Ryan achieved GOLD CREST awards.


2018 E-02 Winners of the Egg Challenge and GOLD CREST!

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