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2016 saw the annual change in team membership with a few fixtures and graduates. Ryan, our amazing techie came of age and so was duty bound to enter the Quantity challenge singlehandedly. This isolation was short lived as he was joined by Olly and TJ from the original 2015 team.


Milo - a very literate home educated student with a marked concern for practical  tasks came up with the best solution in the form of a chuck glider that could fly equally well with and without a payload. Supported by a team of really very practically able and 3Dimentionally aware home eds Milo's team methodically developed a very logical solution that proved to be a winner. If it was all about the journey it would have been fun enough but to win was icing on the logical cake.  CAD originals by Jamie combined with the manufacturing drawings and building skills of Ben made this thing slot together like Lego. Still at 500g heavier than last year's plane we feared what the competition in the form of Westbridgeford might turn up with - and the Chinese - masters of carbon fibre. In the end we won fairly on points, reliability and laps but not quite the needle match we had looked forward to.


Ryan's Q-02 came 5th out of 12  university teams. Not bad at all and plenty of ideas for improvement. This is what it's all about, the team spirit was amazing this year - like an English cricket match - watch the videos it speaks for itself,  the BMFA challenge at Buckminster promises much for our future.

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2017 - D-02 Winners of the Payload Distance challenge


photos by kind permission of Bruce Corfe