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Scrutiny of our 2015 flights video led us to conclude that we needed to round the nose and increase tail area. We believed we had an agility advantage with a shorter plane/pusher configuration for getting around the pylons tightly. We also had a good idea that what we had supposed to be a mystery payload was in fact a huge block of balsa wood. One of our team had predicted this by calculating the target mass (500g) and knowing the volume.


So on the risky assumption that the payload would be the same block of balsa next year we designed the plane to make use of this weight for counteracting the mass of the significant tail plane. Ryan designed a vent system for the hot-headed motor and Connor had the fuselage reduce to a fine point in front of his ample new tail plane. Our construction methods extended form our design principle of using a single fuselage profile rotated around a number of plywood rings. This made an excellent orthogonal excercise resulting in the competition in high marks for our drawings. This plane went through 15 variations before it was finally drawn and manufacture was achieved by pressing a button on the laser cutter and assembling in just over a week.Once again we over ran time-wise and we never actually test flew the plane. At all! The very first time it lifted off the runway was as much a surprise to us as for anyone else.

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2016 - D-04 Winners of the payload Distance challenge and the Jetex Trophy.

Our chief competition came from a school in Nottingham who's fiery and tiny 'block of wood stuck on top of a wing' hared around the course with gusto and the Chinese team who's delta flew so beautifully and smoothly we thought we had no chance at all. But sure enough, through Stewart's careful husbandry of the batteriy life by throttling back strategically and gaining height to glide at the end we gained the winning eleventh lap.


And so our labours were again rewarded, this time not only with the First Place trophy but also the Jetex Cup to adorn our new offices in Stowmarket.