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Tel. 07762 917617



10 Tavern Street



IP14 1PH


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Our Aims:

  • To use aeromodelling as a context to develop innovation and creativity as valuable life skills

  • To support child development in resilience and well-being

  • To provide an inspiring educational resource that facilitates engagement in STEM subjects



Aeromodelling teaches you:

  • to make your own decisions

  • to consider alternative solutions

  • that failure can be an opportunity

  • to take calculated risks

  • critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • to apply and prove scientific principles in a dynamic and purposeful way

  • hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial awarenss

  • state of the art technologies communication skills and processes

  • innovative skills, design management

  • resourcefulness

  • following safe procedures and routines





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Aer0nauts is part of Time and Space Learning.

We meet as two separate week-day groups.

Juniors meet Wednesdays and seniors on Fridays. However interest is prompting a new group to start up.

We are affiliated to the BMFA as a Young Group which gives us insurance cover, club magazines and access to facilities.


We comprise youngsters from 10 to 19 years old and are now open to 1:1 sessions for tutoring.